Dr Richard Harding

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend and colleague Dr Richard Harding.

Richard arrived in Whangarei in the Autumn of 2016 and quickly established himself as an integral part of both the ICU and Anaesthetic department. He brought a wealth of experience with him from the UK and this proved to be of great benefit to both the unit and the hospital as a whole.

Richard and I were employed at the same time, though Richard started working in Whangarei 6 months before me. He was a great support when I started to practice in NZ and helped make the transition from the UK much easier for me.

He was a great intensivist, unflappable in challenging clinical situations and always ready to give advice or support. His experience working as the clinical lead for ICU at Hereford and his time spent working in the ICU at the QE in Birmingham, were great assets to Whangarei ICU.

He will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts are with his wife, children and the rest of his family at this difficult time.

Dr Dan Owens

7 thoughts on “Dr Richard Harding”

  1. I worked with him at Hereford during my 7 years as a critical care outreach nurse. He was always approachable and took an interest in what was going on outside of the doors of ITU and would always come to review patients when asked. My thoughts are very much with his family and friends and colleagues at such a difficult and surreal time

  2. I worked with Richard at Hereford in theatre and also at the Nuffield. He was always professional and very approachable with a calm manner. He loved being outdoors either running with his dogs or walking over Malvern Hills. I ran a number of times with him at our local running club and competive as always would hate me to finish ahead of him!! My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends

  3. So shocked and horrified to hear this awful news. One of the loveliest people you could ever meet and so much fun to be around. Our deepest condolences and love to his wonderful family. xxxxx

  4. I was Richards (chief to us) best friend at med school. He was my best man.
    All of us that knew him are devastated.
    There isn’t anything else to say other than he will be missed terribly and that we are all constantly thinking of Kate, Amy and Jake even though they are so far away.

  5. I briefly knew Richard through working with him in ITU at Hereford. He was extremely professional, approachable and ready to empart his wealth of knowledge and experience to those who cared to listen. No doubt he grasped NZ life headon and was welcomed there by Kiwis whom made him and his family happy. He will be sorely missed.

  6. I had worked with Richard at Hereford for 3 years, a thorough Gentleman, a Confident Intensivist, very approachable and supportive, I came to know the news very late. I felt shattered, I remember me always inviting him to Kerala.I will miss him. Our deepest condolences and love to his family.

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